Naked ambition

16 March 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Tim Pile FIPF MPAGB EFIAP/p is a passionate and successful print worker who started in digital photography in 2008. He really enjoys his photography, producing images for the love of it; his aim is to bring a little bit of beauty into the world. In 2017 Tim was invited to become a member of the prestigious London Salon of Photography, which made him very proud.

Hosted by the prestigious Digital Imaging Group – Thames Valley Centre this unique event will feature his much acclaimed and award winning images of the female form in the natural environment.

Tim will share his passion for nude photography and tips for capturing stunning shots on location. He will include how to utilise natural light, working with models and other aspects of the photographic process, including image processing. The event is on Sunday 25 March 10am-3.30pm.

Event details here

You can see examples of Tim's work on his website -