A book to grace any coffee table

14 June 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging

Bas Meeuws work was featured in the June issue of the Journal and having seen his work in a gallery in The Hague, Netherlands I can attest that his work is truly fantastic.  Even if you do not have the space on a wall in your house to own one of his beautiful images you can now enjoy a fabulous selection in the book he has just published. 

Meeuws is a member of the RPS Digital Imaging Group and the RPS Benelux Chapter.


His photographs are of an old-fashioned beauty and at the same time radically contemporary. Flower by flower Bas Meeuws composes his floral still life’s, but digitally: the basis for Meeuws' monumental works are digital photographs of individual flowers. They allude to the Dutch masters of the seventeenth century with their sense of luxury and their eye for the ephemeral. Meeuws strikes a chord in the art world with his flower still life’s. He is represented by Dutch, American, Taiwanese and Indian galleries and exhibits from Amsterdam to New Delhi.


‘Flower Pieces’ can be purchased from Amazon UK and costs £60



Janet Haines ARPS

Digital Imaging Group Chair