Bi annual weekend away at Bridgend

03 April 2019

Region: South West

St Fagans

A small but select band of members gathered in the Wyndham Arms, Dunraven Place, Bridgend on Friday evening the 29thMarch 2019. Later we joined up with our friend and guide for Saturday Les Loosemore ARPS and planned our Saturday schedule.

Sunset Dunraven Bay

Saturday began wreathed in fog just as forecast and confirmed that we had been correct to not start our day at 5am to try capturing the sunrise, but instead enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and a more civilised 8.30am start.

Church light

Les proved a fantastic guide and advocate for the area taking us to locations we would not have found in a month of Sundays or Saturdays in this case on our own. We visited parks, waterfalls, went up blind valleys and travelled down such narrow lanes that we would not have attempted them on our own.

Church of St Teilo

We were able to capture the diversity of the area including parks and woodlands, valleys and hilltops with wind vanes disappearing into the fog, ancient castles, sand dunes, churches oh and gambolling lambs.

Dunraven Bay

Saturday afternoon in Merthyr Mawr provided plenty of diversity from thatched cottages to the ruins of Candlestan Castle and the surrounding sand dunes. The Church of St Teilo, Merthyr Mawr provided plenty of opportunities to photograph the play of light and reflections through the stained-glass windows.

Guardian of the park

Then with the light unsuitable for more photographs for the time-being so Les took us to his home to view some of his work and take us through a mini-workflow masterclass.

In the Valleys

By now late afternoon we moved onto Ogmore Castle and Stepping Stones where took our leave of Les and the whole group really want to express out grateful thanks to Les for his friendship, guidance and expertise that he very willingly and freely allowed to avail ourselves of.

Les's waterfall

We ended our evening attempting to photograph the sunset at Dunraven Bay, the sun and location was beautiful however we were joined by a cloud bank 15 minutes before sunset, which left us chilly and largely thwarted. This was soon remedied by a warm pub and good meal shortly after.

Ogmore stepping stones

Sunday saw us take the short journey to St Fagans National Museum of History arriving as the doors opened and departing as they closed behind us. The site contains nearly sixty historic buildings collected from all over Wales – painstakingly deconstructed transported and then reconstructed at St Fagans. Although the light was flat, we had a fascinating day with opportunities to photograph inside many historic buildings.

Photographers at large

This finished our weekend and it was the time for the journey home.


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11 April 2019

Great Shots there Tim. Thank you for organising a great weekend. Big thank you to Les for his time and Sharing his knowledge with us.

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