Ben Cherry Day

30 March 2018

Region: South West

Ben came to Bovey Tracey for his day of talks to us, not knowing how he was going to fill the day except, in his words, with waffle.

As it turned out there was no waffle just an extraordinary day of showing us his images, and talking about his passion for the environment and how he records it. He captivated the audience with his wonderful delivery and humour and talking about his work with National Geographic and other publications. The last hour or so was a treat, in that he made the audience do a photo editors job of culling 106 photos in a shoot down to 15 which could be used for a magazine. This proved to be a very entertaining and thought provoking exercise, with an amount of discussion and some quite voiciferous comments, made in the nicest possible way.


Our thanks go to Ben for the day which we feel he enjoyed as much as we did.

Images are all copyright of Ben Cherry.