Early morning shoot at The South Devon Railway

26 August 2018

Region: South West


The weather forecast promised rain, and it did not disappoint. After a safety briefing the 8 members and non members made their way to the running shed to capture details of lighting, oiling and cleaning locos ready for the days running. The rain made it quite "atmospheric" and did to some extent reduce photographic opportunities, but everybody got something, with a paraffin lamp giving light to the driver during the oiling up procedure. This lamp must be the most photographed in the world. Several comments were made about the amount of time taken to breath fire into a steam loco and to get all the lubrication points filled up.

Our thanks go to the South Devon Railway management for allowing us to be on site in what is not usually a public area, and to the loco crews and cleaners who went about there duties with cameras being behind their every move. Also to the signalman in Buckfastleigh signal box who welcomed us in and explained the workings of a signal box, and to Buckfastleigh Station staff who allowed us to use their tea making facilities for the usual 50p donation, which was very welcome. 

Group photo John Baker

Please see below a selection of images from the day with authors name above each set.

Adrian Harris images

Steve Capewell images

Stuart Chapman ARPS images

John Baker images

Hans Gebauer LRPS images

Mick Medley LRPS

George Webb

Suzanne Parsons

This shows images from all who attended, thanks for showing these