Day with Jeremy Walker

24 October 2016

Region: South West


The day at The Dolphin Hotel, where 50 people attended, was an informative and entertaining day helped by his very good delivery style and a sense of humour along the way

Jeremy, a Nikon Ambassador, started off by telling us how he started in photography and his progression from art college, assisting in London, and then his life as a professional photographer.

After lunch, the afternoon was spent looking at his specialism, panoramas, along with a lot of information to help the audience, details nodal points, types of tripod heads and ways to shoot and combine images into panoramas.


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George Collings
31 October 2016

It was a very informative. Wanting to try more panoramas. Just need the lottery to fund it all

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26 October 2016

Thank you for a very interesting and informative day. I came away Inspired and learnt a few tips to try out and a few locations to visit..

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