South West Region AGM

22 February 2016

Region: South West

The Annual General meeting of the Region was held at The Dolphin Hotel and was  attended by 55 members including Committee members.

The business of the day was concluded fairly quickly but not before some changes were made.

As Regional Organiser, Martin Howse, had declared his intention to step down this year, nominations were asked for to find a new Regional Organiser. Unsurprisingly no nominations came from the floor and none had been received prior to the meeting. Mick Medley had already stated to Martin that should there be no nominations, he would step in again as he did not want to see the hard work done by the Regions officers in recent years undone through lack of a Regional Organiser. The meeting agreed that this should happen and Mick was duly proposed, seconded and voted in. Martin Howse had previously agreed that he was prepared to stay on the Regional Committee and was duly voted in. The Region will also be somewhat richer to have John Page volunteer to join our committee. John brings a wealth of experience to our Committee and we are lucky to be able to call on his past experience. The existing Committee were elected en bloc to serve for another year.

The first job for Mick as Regional Organiser was to make a presentation to Martin in recognition of his service to the Region as Organiser for the last two years.

The meeting business was quickly concluded and we went on to see 16 successful Distinction panels from Regional members. We were certainly treated to outstanding images, the standard was very high and a really enjoyable afternoon was had by all, with everybody being able to get up close and have a look at the panels.

The meeting concluded and we now all look forward to a continuation of Regional events with a new programme being prepared, but do not expect much in the way of changes.