Field trip to Royal William Yard, Plymouth

14 September 2015

Region: South West

Header image by Emma Cowley

A group of 13 congregated at The Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Some travelled direct but 6 took the ferry from The Barbican to add to the days interest. For those on the ferry we were treated to a commentary on the 20 minutes trip to the yard, where we found out a lot of the history about Plymouth waterfront. Upon arrival we met with those who had travelled direct, including Emma Cowley, who had only joined the RPS last Thursday and Saturday morning had searched to see what was happening and joined us, welcome to Emma.

Our thanks to Mike Bondartschuk who, having been to the yard before helped with some pointers of the area, and we were immedately treated to a "retro cycle ride" where approximateley 50 cyclists in varying costumes arrived in front of us, an immediate photo opportunity.

After a wander round we met for lunch at The Bakehouse, an experience in itself, you help yourself, eat off wooden boards, then tell the staff what you have eaten and pay for it.

We then continued our look around the yard, finding areas which had been revitalised and now used as accomodation for shops, restaurants and flats. Other areas are still in need of some TLC and refurbishment and this did provide photographic opportunities.

As images are received they will be put onto the blog for you to view, and see what you missed.

As usual please do comment on what you see, which will make it worthwhile for those who take the trouble to send images to me.

Untitled, Martin Howse ARPS

Untitled 2, (John Page I do believe) Martin Howse ARPS

Untitled 3, Martin Howse ARPS

Untitled 4, Martin Howse ARPS

Still work to do, Diana Wynn

One way to arrive, Diana Wynn

Old gas light bracket, Diana Wynn

Bell tower, Diana Wynn

No smoke with fire, Vivien Howse ARPS

Cobbles, Vivien Howse ARPS

Detail, Vivien Howse ARPS

Retro cycle ride, Vivien Howse ARPS

Untitled 1, Emma Cowley

Untitled 2, Emma Cowley

Untitled 3, Emma Cowley

Untitled 4, Emma Cowley

Cyclist, Mick Medley LRPS

Not really that shape, Mick Medley LRPS

In case of flood, Mick Medley LRPS

Your RO and his wife, what are they doing???, Mick Medley LRPS

Light at the end of the tunnel Anthony Rowe LRPS

Doors to thin air, Anthony Rowe LRPS

Reflections of the past, Anthony Rowe LRPS

Table top garden, Anthony Rowe LRPS

Symmetry, Rhiannon Bondartschuk

Dark Sky, Rhiannon Bondartschuk

Gangway, Rhiannon Bondartschuk

Through the gap, Mike Bondartschuk

Clock Tower. Mike Bondartschuk

Storage room, Mike Bondartschuk

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14 September 2015

I feel well and truly initiated into the group Mick - thank you for the welcome and everyone form making me feel at home straight away. These shots show what a fabulous photography venue the Royal William Yard is and I think we captured it in all its diversity pretty well! Looking forward to future outings :-)

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