A walk around Stover Country Park

14 June 2015

Region: South West

Images received shown below, please scroll to the bottom for a report on the day.

The page header is an image from 11year old Rhiannon Bondartschuk


4 spot chacer, Brian Tiscali

Speeding Grebe, Mary Ann Spilman












Untitled, Mike Bondartschuk

Summer bloom, Anthony Rowe

Stirring, Mary Ann Spilman

Foxgloves, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Swan, cygnets & Heron, Derek Stratton

Lizard, Brian Tiscali

Swan family, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Heron waiting, Mick Medley LRPS

Grey Squirrel, Anthony Rowe

Lake inflow, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Swan family, Mike Bondartschuk

Swan & cygnets Mick Medley LRPS

Orchid, Derek Stratton

Bench carving, Anthony Rowe

Silver Birch, Michael Woodhead ARPS

Orchid, Joy Medley LRPS

Untitled, Rhiannon Bondartschuk

Flower reflection, Joy Medley LRPS

Squirrel, Joy Medley LRPS

Untitled, Rhiannon Bondartschuk

Pylons, Mike Bondartschuk

Lunch stop, Anthony Rowe

Look at this Dad, Jenny Baker LRPS

Feeding time, Jenny Baker LRPS

Bee, Derrick Holliday ARPS

Untitled, Derrick Holliday ARPS

Untitled, Derrick Holliday ARPS

Untitled, Derrick Holliday ARPS

After being very short of bookings, 24 members and guests arrived for this walk around one of the areas premier Country Parks. After talking with the ranger we were given some hints as to what we might see, nothing exotic, but a good mix of birds, ducks and flora and fauna.

We set off around what I had considered to be the area of lesser interest, but the group spent a lot of time photographing orchids, other wild flowers, dragon and damsel flies as well as some general photography, including some very graphic images of the electricity pylons. Next stop was around the lake, again a variety of subjects were found before we arrived back at the pre-arranged area for lunch. The Molly Macs ice cream van did a fair trade with teas and coffes, plus a couple had hot dogs and a few ice creams. Following lunch we set off to cover the other side of the lake, taking in the elevated boardwalk which is a feeding areas for numerous birds and squirrels. We eventually made our way around the lake, finding a European Green Lizard basking in the sunshine, before coming upon a pair of swans with their brood of 7 cygnets. We also saw one coot chick, talk about the ugly duckling, as well as the resident mallard and the female Mandarin duck.

It was then time to make our way back to the cars, but in several cases a visit to the Molly Macs ice cream van, interrupted the walk and several of us enjoyed ice creams.

We also did have with us, what I think is our youngest participant on a field trip, young Rhiannon Bondartschuck, who at 11 years old is getting on with and enjoying photography under the guidance of dad.

It was lovely to see everyone, thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed the day, please take the opportunity to put a comment on the blog on your thoughts from the day, and also send me some images to michael.medley@btinternet.com.