Pre Air Day RNAS Culdrose

02 August 2015

Region: South West


Thanks to Vivien Howse for arranging this, several local members attended and some of their images are shown below.

The header image is by Wendy Allard

Wendy Allard writes:

'For photographers who are passionate aircraft enthusiasts the Pre-Air Day event offered an excellent opportunity to gain access to behind the scenes activities on the Culdrose base.  As a 'more grounded' photographer with a general interest in the Culdrose Air Day, one of the highlights of the afternoon was to view the Frecce Tricolori on the ground and meet the pilots.  These are the flagship of the Italian Air Force.  We then watched their impressive display in the air.  This was particularly significant as the national aerobatic team were celebrating 55 years of aerobatic flight'


Culdrose pilots, Wendy Allard

In flight, Wendy Allard

Barbara Jenkin

Barbara Jenkin

Barbara Jenkin

Frecce Tricolori, Douglas Lander

Frecce Tricolori 2, Douglas Lander

Hurricane crew, Douglas Lander