Dovercourt & Harwich

10 May 2019

Region: East Anglia

On Saturday 27th April we experiened 45mph winds in the South East of England. Sounds a good plan to go to the coast with our cameras then.  Of course the field trip had been planned some months before and we photgrapher types don't let a bit of adverse weather get in the way of a day out.

We started by the Lightouse as the tide was out.  We walked on to the Beach Huts.  After a light lunch and a warm up we had a tour of Beacon Hill Fort.  It was a concrete lovers dream.

Plenty of places to explore both undergound and you could even climb the tower.  Great views !

There was plenty of time to share images, chat and compare notes.

We had some set subjects to capture:

  1. Panning 

  2. Wide Open 

  3. Detail

  4. Reflection.

  5. High Contrast Monochrome

  6. Street.

  7. Multiple Exposure / Creative.

  8. My choice

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