OU Square

21 December 2018

Region: East Anglia

A small group of photographers came along to a walk around the OU Campus in Milton Keynes.  The OU, who deliver a course developed by the RPS, were on hand.  They kindly opened a building for us on the day to allow time for a rest mid day.

We walked around the campus with a Challenge set by the organiser.

The aim of the day, to produce a gallery of images to meet seven set subjects.

To make things a little more difficult all the images had to be square cropped.  The subjects were as follows:

1. Motion.

2. Differential Focus.

3. Detail – possibly part of a larger thing.

4. Reflection.

5. High Contrast Monochrome – An image containing full blacks and full whites.

6. Natural.

7. Multiple Exposure– 2 or more frames overlaid in camera or in post processing.

8. My choice– Images that the photographer would like to be included in the Gallery.

Please take a look at some of the Images captured on the day by clicking here.