Is this seat taken?

07 October 2019

Region: Headquarters

First few days in office ... and I’m already way behind on my admin, as the emails have been pouring in.  Thank you so much to those of you who have sent good wishes; it’s encouraging to know that there is so much support amongst the membership.  

The week started with a trip to Bristol to spend some time with the staff.  On arrival I was greeted with a large box of papers for signing.   These will eventually be the certificates for our successful distinction applicants.  I had never really thought about the work that goes into creating our certificates, so next time I’m at RPS House, Ben Fox and I are going to make a vlog showing the process from blank sheet to sealed, signed and delivered.  And yes, each has a proper seal, although sadly, neither hot wax nor signet rings are now involved.

Next up was the staff meeting, which was really enjoyable.  I never fail to be impressed by the team’s enthusiasm and inspirational ideas, so watch this space for more about these over the next two years.  We met in our sumptuous auditorium, and I have to confess when I first heard that it was going to be ‘painted grey’, I did worry that it might look a tad dreary – I proposed purple to match the exterior.  But I was (thankfully) outvoted, and the designers did us proud.  It still looks super-contemporary and fresh, even after the heavy usage of recent weeks. 

The auditorium is probably my favourite space at RPS House, because it always reminds me of my Dad.  We lost him a few years ago, but I still miss him terribly.  To honour his memory, we sponsored a seat, with the seat number and row corresponding to his date of birth.  I find it comforting to know that his name will always be there.  I don’t remember him ever having an interest in making photos (my mother produced the family album), so I was really surprised to find a camera amongst his things.  It would have been so interesting to have found a film in it – who knows what it would have revealed?

He would have been very proud of his daughter becoming President of such a prestigious, historic institution, and I hope I can live up to what he would have expected. 

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