Casting out the self

02 September 2017


The British Science Association's is holding this year's British Science Festival in Brighton from 5 to 9 September. The RPS has had a long-standing interest in photographic science and, increasingly, scientific imaging and launches its own International Images for Science 2017/18 on 12 September 2017 in London. 

In Brighton, the BSF will show an installation by Royal College of Art’s Dominic Hawgood, who rated in the Top Ten Artists under 30 in Artlyst. His site-specific installation ‘Casting out the self’, is a body of work originally produced over a two year period, and combines photography, 3D scanning, animation and design, and features digital audio produced in collaboration with Lanark Artefax.

© Dominic HawgoodSimilarly to previous projects, Hawgood mobilises the cold and dominant presence of technology, in order to explore his fascination with sensations and states of mind. The project calls our attention to recent trends in the field of perception and awareness, stimulated by mass use of plants with hallucinogenic properties. The artist is particularly interested in the use of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a psychedelic substance which acts to alter or disturb the central nervous system.

Hawgood’s work has emerged out of photography’s expanded field.  His practice spans still and moving image, and uses light installation to reflect on the experience of the real world within the digital realm. He is a cross disciplinary artist working with simulation, drawing upon fields such as Computer Science and Visual Effects to explore realism using light, lens, and code. I’ve attached CG stills from the animation.

Casting out the self
Each day of the British Science Festival • 12:00–17:00

First floor gallery • Edward Street University of Brighton
City Centre

The installation will be open 12-5 pm daily throughout the British Science Festival.

This artwork was co-commissioned in partnership with Brighton Digital Festival and will be on display until 13 October 2017. There will be a launch event at 6 pm on Tuesday 5 September, please use this link to book free tickets to confirm your place.