Annual General Meeting 2017

03 October 2017

Society news

The Society’s Annual General Meeting took place on 30 September and this was immediately followed by the first Council meeting of the 2017-2019 session.

The following candidates were elected:

Robert Albright


582 votes

Del Barrett

Vice President

554 votes

Derek Trendell


575 votes

Alan Hodgson


546 votes

Vanessa Slawson


538 votes

Richard Tucker


518 votes

Barry Hoffman


517 votes

Paul Kay

Advisory Board

565 votes

The scrutineers were: Suzanne Johnson and Carol Mikellides.

At the meeting the minutes of the 2016 annual general meeting, the 2016 annual report and accounts and the appointment of Moore Stephens as auditors were all approved unanimously.

The resolution to approve the new By-Laws and Rules were approved unanimously by the meeting and supported by proxy with: 662 votes in favour, 30 against, 10 abstentions, 20 blank and 3 spoilt proxy forms.

The President noted that a possible drafting error in the By-Laws had been flagged by a member since the drafts had been published. This did not invalidate the By-Laws but they would be checked and corrected as necessary at the next AGM. Representations had also been received about the number of members required to call an EGM which the next Council would also consider. 

The updating and changes to the Society's By-Laws and Rules will require a number of the Society's Management Procedural documents to be revised to reflect their adoption and this will be undertaken over the next few months. 

The minutes of the meeting, pending their approval at the 2018 AGM, will be published in the November Journal.