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Born in Italy in 1955, he lived in the UK for eight years where he graduated in Economics (University of London) and in Agricultural Economics (University of Oxford). He then lived in Ecuador, Venezuela and Algeria for eight years. Since 1990 he worked  in Rome as Agricultural Economist for FAO/UN from which he retired in October 2015. He has travelled to more than fifty countries.

He is interested in social reportage, travel and street photography, and in his own personal photography. His work has been exhibited in China, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Tunisia. He has received international awards and published various books among which: “Atrapados [No way out] - Family violence and juvenile deviant behaviour in Lima”; “Wrestlers" and "Wrestling”, a personal view on the world of Olympic wrestling; “Traits d’union”, a street-photography project in Tunisia; “Losers of a forgotten conflict”, a reportage on the living conditions of the victims of the conflict for the Nagorno-Karabakh; “The beauty of memory”, on the artistic dimensions in Latin American cemeteries; “A slightly different path than you”, a reportage on athletes with different abilities; and “Batallon sanidad”, a reportage on young Colombian soldiers recuperating after stepping over mines or from serious tropical diseases. The electronic format of most books is freely downloadable from

The book «Atrapados» received the Fellowship Distinction (FRPS - 2010) and – together with and its related video - is in the Royal Photographic Society’s collection at the VIctoria and Albert Museum, London (UK). His books on Olympic Wrestling were awarded the Associateship Distinction (ARPS - 2010).

He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), member of the "Contemporary & Conceptual" and of the "Multimedia" Distinctions Panels of the RPS and President of the “Italian Chapter of the Royal Photographic Society (CIRPS)” ( 

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