Dr Martin Raskovsky

My work is characterised by dreamlike other worldly natural landscapes. My images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalising and intriguing response.  

My current interest is in the post capture creative process. It is a search for colours and forms that emanate from my inside, often completely unrelated to the original subject. Brush in hand, the journey of image transformation is an art form of its own. Colours and shapes are transformed again and again until the time when a solution emerges, sometimes with a tremendous eureka effect; almost orgasmic. The journey from photographic camera to canvas, my creative journey.


The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI); 2019
Awarded Gold in the Computer Generated and Digital Manipulated Art annual exhibition.

Sussex Art Fairs West; Sussex 2019
Relieve your mind from the norms of photographic art and open to the beauty of digital art through Dr. Martín Raskovsky's rich imagination.

Contemporary Art Fairs; Windsor 2018
At the forefront of digital art is an outstanding innovator, Dr. Martín Raskovsky, shaping the future of Photographic Art. Always showing you the new!

Art Nou Mil·lenni Gallery, Barcelona 2017
Dr. Raskovsky, one of the pioneers in photo manipulation movement.Doctor in computing science and doctor in creation.

London Art Biennale 2017; Chelsea - London; Special Mention of Excellence, March 2017
Dr. Raskovsky's creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art.


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Digital Imaging, Visual Art


Digital Imaging, Visual Art

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