Dr Eric Tatham

I first became interested in photography in my teens when photographic processing was a dark, wet business.

Throughout my education and working life I have been involved in Electronic Imaging. I have a HND in Printing Technology, a first class Honours Degree in Computing and Electronics, a MSc in Computer Science, and a PhD in Electronic Imaging.

At the start of my career I worked in the printing industry then, in 1980, I became a University lecturer.  Although now mostly retired, I was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Imaging at the University of Bradford and later Head of the Division of Media Technology at De Montfort University where I specialised in Computer Graphics and Games Programming.

I still maintain an interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality on a consultancy basis but also enjoy having more time to devote to the ‘artistic’ side of image making.


(Dr E Tatham, BA(Hons), MSc, PhD, MBCS, CITP)





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