Introduction to Underwater Photography

01 June 2019

10:00 - 13:00

Chandlers Ford, Hampshire
Fryern Pavilion, Greenways
Chandler's Ford
United Kingdom
SO53 2LE

Non RPS Member£20.00 
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This event has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers.

This workshop will offer a short introduction to the extremely challenging activity of professional underwater photography for those who have considered this but don’t quite know what’s involved.

Sandy Chestnut started taking photographs professionally many years ago, mainly to document projects in more remote and inhospitable parts of the world. He started diving in the early seventies in Scotland so it was pretty nigh inevitable that, twenty years ago, the two would meet.

His enthusiasm for getting ‘that shot’ is as strong as it’s ever been.

This introduction will be a largely interactive look at the preparation and the equipment required and will address the reason why it’s not only one of the most areas challenging of photography but can be the most expensive.

For those who don’t want to go so far, the talk will also address what is possible within a budget and the results that are likely for the occasional budding Jacques Cousteau!

What the workshop will cover:


·      A very brief history of how taking underwater images started and why

·      Why underwater is ‘different’

·      An introduction to the equipment used and basic training required, including a chance to look at the specialist equipment needed to protect the camera

·      The legal aspects of trying to make money out of the sport

·      The digital revolution, and why taking images underwater is now within everyone’s grasp


The photography:

·      Managing light

·      Focusing 

·      Camera settings

·      Composition

·      Pre-planning

·      Subjects

·      Being creative

·      Lens selection

·      Dioptres


Dealing with the challenges:

·      Travelling to remote locations

·      Water and pressure

·      Time

·      Limited light and visibility

·      Maximising the opportunities – right place, right time

·      Interacting in very close proximity to wildlife, and getting the subjects to cooperate

·      Safety


The introduction will be structured at a steady pace to ensure everyone has a full understanding of what is involved in order to achieve professional standard images. It will be suitable for beginner and intermediate photographers, and should even be of interest to those that have tried before but want to move beyond memory shots to saleable images.

It is not necessary for attendees to extensive diving experience before as this introduction will be suitable for those that have perhaps tried, or thought of, diving and want to bring back memories of their unforgettable experiences to show those that are not so fortunate.

It is expected that they will have the ability to operate a single lens reflex camera in manual camera mode and understand the limitations of digital cameras, and the effects of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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