Hanging Plans

A selection of writable PDFs to help you build and submit your portfolio.

IMPORTANT: Please click on a thumbnail below to download your desired layout. You won’t be able to use the template within your browser, so please ensure you download it to your computer. These are fillable PDF documents and we recommend ensuring that you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed on your computer.

1) Before adding your images to the PDF, first collate your final selection of images and save thumbnails of each (we advise using small file sizes were possible).

2) Open the PDF and add your thumbnails to it by clicking on the picture boxes above each number.

3) When you are happy with your portfolio and have filled in all the required information on the page, either “Save As” or “Print” your completed Hanging/Sequence plan.

Please Note: These PDFs are not compatible with mobile or tablet devices.

Titles of hanging plans refer to the layout (number of images per row).


LRPS 235 
LRPS Hanging Plan - 235

LRPS 244 
LRPS Hanging Plan - 244

LRPS 334 
LRPS Hanging Plan - 334

LRPS 343

LRPS Hanging Plan - 343

LRPS Hanging Plan - 55
Sequence Plan LRPS

LRPS Hanging Plan - Sequence


ARPS 357 
ARPS Hanging Plan - 357

ARPS 555 
ARPS Hanging Plan - 555

ARPS 78 
ARPS Hanging Plan - 78


ARPS Hanging Plan - 87
Sequence Plan ARPS

ARPS Hanging Plan - Sequence


FRPS 1010 
FRPS Hanging Plan - 1010

FRPS 776 
FRPS Hanging Plan - 776

FRPS 777 
FRPS Hanging Plan - 777

Advisory Day Hanging Plans


ARPS Advisory Day 

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