Members' Award

An award, established in 2005, given to an ordinary member who, in the opinion of Council, has shown extraordinary support for The Society over a sustained period.  This is not normally a reward for service on a committee but it does not exclude committee members where exceptional and outstanding commitment and support can be cited.  This award carries with Honorary Life Membership of The Society.

2019          John Margetts ARPS
2018          Dr Mike Christianson FRPS
2017          Paul Hurst ARPS
2016          Mary O’Connor LRPS
2015          Alexander Melrose
2014          Judith Parry, Patricia Ann Ruddle APRS
2013          Carol Palmer ARPS
2012          Mick Medley LRPS
2011          Sylvia B Jones
2010          Hoosain M Ebrahim ARPS, Charles Mahnken ARPS
2009          Ken Huscroft, Harry Miller
2008          Elaine Herbert ARPS
2007          John Arnold Hubbard FRPS
2006          Matti Selanne ARPS
2005          Frederick Smith ARPS