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One-on-one advice (RPS member only).

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Receiving online advice regarding your proposed Distinction submission is a benefit of being a Member of The Society.  This process is particularly useful for those who cannot attend an Advisory Day or want advice on their panel prior to attending one.

Please Note:

Applicants can only apply for online advice once per Distinction level, so careful thought should be given to what you submit before doing so.  It is essential that you read through the relevant Distinctions Guidelines before you apply.


Failure to comply with the following criteria may delay the process or result in your request being rejected.

We advise uploading the following:

LRPS - 10 images + 5 spare* + 1 Hanging/Sequence Plan
ARPS - 15 images + 5 spare*+ 1 Hanging/Sequence Plan + Statement of Intent
FRPS - 20 images + 5 spare*+ 1 Hanging/Sequence Plan + Statement of Intent  OR
          21 images + 4 spare*+ 1 Hanging/Sequence Plan + Statement of Intent

* Spare images are ones that you are unsure if they should be part of your proposed Distinction submission. You must indicate which are the spare images (please see below).


To apply for Online Advice:

1)  Preparing your images – they must be jpegs, 1400 pixels x 1050 pixels, sRGB (each below 2MB in size). Titles must not include any special characters such as +-*?/.

2)  Images must be numbered 01, 02, 03 etc. Spare images must be numbered spare01, spare02 etc.  Once you have uploaded the images via the link below, you can drag and drop them into the correct order.

3)  You must also include your proposed hanging/sequence plan.  Please click here to view galleries which include examples of hanging/sequence plans.

4)  A Statement of Intent must be included if you are applying for an ARPS or FRPS.

5)  Please indicate whether you intend to submit Prints or Images For Screen as your final Submission.

6)  Click here to complete your application.

After you have applied:

Your proposed Distinction submission will be reviewed by one of our Panel Chair/Members who will provide feedback (please allow 4 – 6 weeks due to Panel Chair/Member availability**). Feedback will be automatically sent to you via email. You will need to be logged into the website before clicking the link contained within the email to view your feedback.



Important notes:

All advice is given on the understanding that it is the personal opinion of the Panel Chair/Member and may not reflect the majority view when assessed.

Due to the size of the images, the Panel Chair/Member who gives advice is unable to advise on the technical quality, this part of the process will be down to the applicant to ensure the standard is achieved when applying for the relevant Distinction.

Please be sure to mention that you have received advice via this service on your Submission Details Form.

Only the RPS Distinctions department and those providing your advice will be able to view your submission.

For guidance or any enquires regarding online advice system please email: or call 01225 325742.

** We cannot accept any requests for online advice less than 6 weeks before a booked assessment.